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Robert B. Zoellick


Robert B. Zoellick

Fed Tapering a Big Issue for the World
Video | June 10, 2013
While in Singapore Robert B. Zoellick joins CNBC to discuss the role of emerging markets in the international economy, and what to expect from a tapering of quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve.

Fox Business
Eurozone Will Survive
Video | February 7, 2013
Ahead of the European Union''s budget summit, Robert B. Zoellick says he believes the euro area will survive and that the crisis has stabilized.

Europe''s Role in the World Is at Stake
Interview | October 30, 2012
Robert B. Zoellick explains why he expects Europe to "muddle through" its economic and political crises.

Wall Street Journal Real Time Economics Blog
World Bank Chief Zoellick Heads to DC Think Tank
Article | June 27, 2012

The Washington Post’s Think Tanked Blog
Robert B. Zoellick from World Bank to Peterson Institute
Article | June 27, 2012