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Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson, senior fellow since 2008, was previously the International Monetary Fund's Economic Counsellor and Director of the Research Department (2007–08). At the IMF, Johnson led the global economic outlook team, helped formulate innovative responses to worldwide financial turmoil, and was among the first to propose new forms of engagement for sovereign wealth funds. He was also the first IMF chief economist to have a blog.

Johnson is the Ronald A. Kurtz (1954) Professor of Entrepreneurship at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also a cofounder of, a member of the Congressional Budget Office's Panel of Economic Advisers, and a member of the FDIC's Systemic Resolution Advisory Committee. He is a member of the private sector systemic risk council founded by Sheila Bair in 2012. In July 2014, he joined the Financial Research Advisory Committee of the US Treasury's Office of Financial Research (OFR).

Johnson was named a Main Street Hero by the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) in 2013 "for his articulate and outspoken support for public policies to end too-big-to-fail." Over the past five years, Johnson has published more than 300 high impact pieces in the New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Atlantic, New Republic, BusinessWeek, Huffington Post, Financial Times, and Project Syndicate.

Johnson's article, "The Quiet Coup," received over a million views when it appeared in the Atlantic in early 2009. His book 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown (with James Kwak), was an immediate bestseller and has become one of the mostly highly regarded books on the financial crisis. Their follow-up book on US fiscal policy, White House Burning: The Founding Fathers, Our National Debt, and Why It Matters for You, won praise across the political spectrum.

Johnson holds a BA in economics and politics from the University of Oxford, an MA in economics from the University of Manchester, and a PhD in economics from MIT.
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