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Shahid Javed Burki

Shahid Javed Burki, former finance minister of Pakistan, is the chief executive officer of EMP Financial Advisors, LLC. He served at the World Bank for 25 years (1974–99), as division chief and senior economist, Policy Planning and Program Review Department; senior economist and policy adviser, the Office of the Vice President of External Relations; director, International Relations Department of that vice-presidency; director of China and Mongolia; and vice president of the Latin American and Caribbean region. He is coauthor of Sustaining Reform with a US-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (2006). His other publications include Pakistan: Development Choices for the Future (1986, Oxford University Press); Pakistan: Continuing Search for Nationhood (1991, Westview Press, Boulder, CO); Pakistan: Fifty Years of Nationhood (1999, Westview Press); and Pakistan: A Historical Dictionary (1999, Scarecrow Press, London).