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Marcus Noland


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Marcus Noland

Wall Street Journal
Cash Crunch Hits North Korea's Elite
October 8, 2015

North Korea: A Smuggler's Paradise
Video | April 10, 2013
Marcus Noland tells CNN that the North Korean city of Chongjin, historically, has been a center of the chemicals industry, and in its depressed state, has become a center of making illegal methamphetamines, which get shipped across the border into China. The smuggling creates meth addicts in China and angers Chinese officials.

ABC Radio (Australia)
Pyongyang Tells Foreigners to Consider Leaving South Korea
Audio | April 10, 2013
Marcus Noland joins Australia's Breakfast talk show to discuss the current tensions between North and South Korea.

ABC Radio (Australia)
North Korea and Sanctions
Audio | April 8, 2013
Marcus Noland engages in an hour-long discussion on how effective sanctions have been on North Korea and the ethical and legal boundaries of sanctions.

What Does Prime Minister's Return Mean For North Korea's Economy?
Audio with transcript | April 3, 2013
In this interview Marcus Noland discusses North Korea's leadership and domestic policy.

What's Behind North Korea's Latest Threats?
Audio | April 3, 2013
Marcus Noland joins the second half of this discussion [35 minute mark] to explain what life is like for the average North Korean.

Video Interview by Ernst & Young
Perspectives on emerging markets: Executive briefing – One-on-One with Marcus Noland
Opportunities and challenges in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

March 26, 2013

NPR's All Things Considered
North Korea Severs 'Hotline' Communication with the South after Sanctions
Audio with transcript | March 11, 2013
Marcus Noland says deterrence by the United States and South Korea, not the armistice or hotlines, is what has maintained stability on the Korean Peninsula for the last 60 years.

NPR | Talk of the Nation
Questions About North Korea? What to Read to Understand
February 20, 2013
NPR identifies Marcus Noland and Stephan Haggard's blog North Korea: Witness to Transformation as the best source for updates on North Korean issues.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show
North Korea and the Global Economy
January 10, 2013
Following a visit to North Korea by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Marcus Noland and Kojo Nnamdi discuss business interests in North Korea and the North Korean economy.

North Korea: Kim Conciliatory?
Video | January 1, 2013
In response to Kim Jong Un's New Year’s remarks, Marcus Noland says that the young leader's promises—a reformed economy, more resources going to the military, and better relations with South Korea—just do not add up.

NPR's All Things Considered
Out of Desperation, North Korean Women Become Breadwinners
Audio | December 28, 2012
Marcus Noland discusses the dramatically changing role of women in the North Korean workforce.

US Department of State
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011
May 24, 2012
The US Department of State's Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2011 for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea extensively cites Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland's book, Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights Into North Korea.

NPR | KUOW Seattle
North Korea 101
Interview | April 20, 2012
Marcus Noland and Sung-Yoon Lee, Fletcher School at Tufts University, join NPR affiliate KUOW in Seattle to discuss why North Korea is still planning to do a nuclear test.

Pyongyang’s Rocket Failure Could Result in Nuclear Test
Article | April 13, 2012
CNBC turns to Marcus Noland for analysis of the implications of North Korea's failed rocket launch.

New York Times
Rocket Failure May Be Test of North Korean Leader’s Power
Article | April 13, 2012
The New York Times picks up Marcus Noland's blog, North Korea: Witness to Transformation, in reporting on North Korea's failed rocket launch.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
North Korea Deal a 'Significant' Political Shift
Interview with transcript | March 1, 2012

NPR Morning Edition
North Korea Faces 2nd Leadership Change in 60 Years
Interview with transcript | December 20, 2011
NPR's Tom Gjelten interviews Marcus Noland about what little is known about Kim Jong-un, the successor to his father Kim Jong-il. Noland is author of Korea after Kim Jong-il.

NPR All Things Considered
US Treads Cautiously With North Korean Transition
Audio with transcript | December 19, 2011
NPR interviews Marcus Noland on what risks the United States faces as North Korea transitions to a new leader. Noland is considered a foremost expert on North Korea and is author of Korea after Kim Jong-il and coauthor of Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea.

Outlook for North Korea Following Kim Jong Il Death
Video | December 19, 2011
Marcus Noland remarks that the risks to stability in North Korea following Kim Jong-il's death stem from his successor Kim Jong-un's relative weakness; either he may not be able to control the military or, to burnish his own credentials, he may engage in military provocations.

Marketplace from American Public Media
North Korea Will Go about 'Business as Usual'
Audio | December 19, 2011
Marketplace Radio interviews Marcus Noland about the implications of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's death.

Hawaii Public Radio
Why Sanctions Against North Korea Won't Work
Clip of radio interview | June 6, 2011
Beth-Ann Kozlovich, cohost of The Conversation, Hawaii Public Radio, interviews Marcus Noland about why sanctions against North Korea won't work, a topic covered in his new study with Stephan Haggard, Engaging North Korea: The Role of Economic Statecraft. This portion of the full broadcast is provided below with the permission of HPR.

Hawaii Public Radio
The Conversation, March 21, 2011
Clip of radio interview | March 21, 2011
Beth-Ann Kozlovich, cohost of The Conversation, Hawaii Public Radio, interviews Marcus Noland about the lingering uncertainty facing Japan following the March 11 disaster and what to expect in the near and medium term. This portion of the full broadcast is provided below with the permission of HPR.

Fox Business News
Stocks Soar on G-7 Effort to Stabilize Yen
Video | March 18, 2011
Fox Business News calls Marcus Noland back to discuss further the G-7 currency intervention that he correctly predicted earlier on the show would calm the yen.

On Point
The Quake's Economic Impact, Japan and Beyond
Radio interview | March 16, 2011
On Point interviews Marcus Noland, Peterson Institute; Ken Belson, New York Times; and David Griffith, Michigan State University, about the economic impact of the disaster in Japan on both that country and the world. Noland's comments begin at the 9 min. 40 sec. mark.