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Howard F. Rosen

"Think Tank" Radio
Garland Talks To Howard Rosen About Outsourcing
Audio | November 13, 2012
Howard F. Rosen explains the pros and cons of outsourcing to "Think Tank" host Garland Robinette, including how uncertainty over tax policy affects job creation.

Help Wanted. But Not For Mid-Level Jobs
Audio with article | May 27, 2012
Howard F. Rosen explains that the process of "labor polarization"—where more mid-level positions are lost and replaced by bottom- and top-level ones—has been occurring for a couple decades but is now more visible with the higher number of people looking for work.

In Jobless Data, Devil May Be In Details
Audio with transcript | September 6, 2011
Howard F. Rosen tells NPR that this is the first time in half a century that the labor force is decreasing, and its reduction protends badly for productivity and GDP growth over the long term. The lower jobless rate reflects more people leaving the labor pool—due to retirement, returning to school, or simple discouragement—not more jobs. See also Rosen''s related RealTime post, On Labor Day: More Americans Are Working but the Labor Force Is Shrinking.