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Bradford Jensen to be Deputy Director of Institute for International Economics

April 9, 2003

Contact:    C. Fred Bergsten    (202) 328-9000

Washington, DC—The Institute for International Economics is delighted to announce that John Bradford Jensen will become its deputy director on April 21. Dr. Jensen has been director of the Center for Economic Studies at the US Census Bureau since 1999. He is also adjunct associate professor of economics at the University of Maryland and an outstanding trade economist who has published extensively on the relationships among exports, foreign direct investment, productivity, technology, and wages.

Brad Jensen received his Ph.D. in economics at Stanford in 1993. He was a research economist at the Census Bureau from 1993 to 1997, working primarily on the role of exports in US manufacturing. He moved to Pittsburgh in 1997 to become executive director of the Carnegie Mellon Census Research Data Center at Carnegie Mellon University as well as senior research scientist at the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management. Dr. Jensen returned to Washington in 1999 to assume his current positions at the Census Bureau and the University of Maryland.

As director of the Center for Economic Studies, Dr. Jensen has managed its Research Data Center Network, directed the Center's internal and external research programs, and supervised its relationships with collaborating universities and research organizations. He has also been responsible for all administrative and management information systems, budget, personnel and administration of the Center.

Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, director of the Institute, noted in welcoming Dr. Jensen that "his recent posts, especially at the Census Bureau, provide ideal background and experience for his new responsibilities in managing the Institute for International Economics. In addition, his superb record of cutting-edge analysis on a variety of important issues relating trade to the US economy will enable him to make major contributions to our research program." Dr. Bergsten also announced that outgoing Deputy Director Howard Lewis III will resume his earlier position as a visiting fellow at the Institute, continuing to assist with some administrative functions while again contributing to several research projects.

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