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The Institute has limited stock of some of the following books. If you would like to request multiple copies, please call and check with our fulfillment department at
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America in the World Economy: A Strategy for the 1990s
by C. Fred Bergsten
November 1988. 218 pp.
ISBN paper 0-88132-089-X
ISBN cloth 0-88132-089-7

The Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement: The Global Impact
edited by Jeffrey J. Schott and Murray G. Smith
1988. 211 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-073-0

Capital Flight and Third World Debt
edited by Donald R. Lessard and John Williamson
1987. 211 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-053-6

Completing the Uruguay Round: A Results-Oriented Approach to the
GATT Trade Negotiations

edited by Jeffrey J. Schott
September 1990. 252 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-130-3

Currency Convertibility in Eastern Europe
edited by John Williamson
October 1991. 480 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-128-1

Dollar Politics: Exchange Rate Policymaking in the United States
by I. M. Destler and C. Randall Henning
September 1989. 192 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-079-X

The Dynamics of Korean Economic Development
by Cho Soon
March 1994. 216 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-162-1

Economic Consequences of Soviet Disintegration
edited by John Williamson
May 1993. 660 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-190-7

Flying High: Liberalizing Civil Aviation in the Asia Pacific
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Christopher Findlay
November 1996. 232 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-227-X

Free Trade Areas and U.S. Trade Policy
edited by Jeffrey J. Schott
May 1989. 408 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-094-3

The Future of World Trade in Textiles and Apparel
by William R. Cline
2d Ed., July 1990. 432 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-110-9

IMF Conditionality
edited by John Williamson
1983. 696 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-006-4

International Adjustment and Financing: The Lessons of 1985-1991
edited by C. Fred Bergsten
January 1992. 358 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-112-5

International Debt Reexamined
by William R. Cline
February 1995. 535 pp.
ISBN: 0-88132-083-8

International Debt: Systemic Risk and Policy Response
by William R. Cline
1984. 336 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-015-3

Japan in the World Economy
by Bela Balassa and Marcus Noland
1988. 308 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-041-2

Korea-United States Cooperation In The New World Order
edited by C. Fred Bergsten and Il SaKong
February 1996. 140 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-226-1

Korea-United States Economic Relationship
edited by C. Fred Bergsten and Il SaKong
March 1997. 152 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-240-7

Korea in the World Economy
by Il SaKong
January 1993. 328 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-183-4

Latin American Adjustment: How Much Has Happened?
edited by John Williamson
April 1990. 470 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-125-7

Managing the Dollar: From the Plaza to the Louvre
by Yoichi Funabashi
2d ed., 1989. 324 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-097-8

Managing Official Export Credits: The Quest for a Global Regime
by John E. Ray
July 1995. 334 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-207-5

Measuring the Costs of Protection in Japan
by Yoko Sazanami, Shujiro Urata, and Hiroki Kawai
January 1995. 94 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-211-3

Measuring the Costs of Protection in the United States
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Kimberly Ann Elliott
January 1994. 144 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-108-7

Narrowing the U.S. Current Account Deficit
by Allen J. Lenz
June 1992. 640 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-148-6.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-103-6.

North American Free Trade: Issues and Recommendations
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott
April 1992. 392 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-120-6.

Pacific Basin Developing Countries: Prospects for the Future
by Marcus Noland
January 1991. 64 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-141-9.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-081-1.

Pacific Dynamism and the International Economic System
edited by C. Fred Bergsten and Marcus Noland
May 1993. 424 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-196-6.

The Political Economy of Korea-United States Cooperation
edited by C. Fred Bergsten and Il SaKong, editors
February 1995. 128 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-213-X

Predicting External Imbalances for the United States and Japan
by William R. Cline
September 1995. 64 pp.
ISBN: 0-88132-220-2

Private Capital Flows to Emerging Markets After the Mexican Crisis
by Morris Goldstein and Eduard Hochreiter
September 1996. 352 pp.
ISBN: 0-88132-232-6

Reciprocity and Retaliation in US Trade Policy
by Thomas O. Bayard and Kimberly Ann Elliott
with contributions by Amelia Porges and Charles Iceland
September 1994. 528 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-084-6

Reconcilable Differences? United States-Japan Economic Conflict
by C. Fred Bergsten and Marcus Noland
June 1993. 296 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-129-X

Reviving the European Union
edited by C. Randall Henning, Eduard Hochreiter, and Gary Clyde Hufbauer
April 1994. 192 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-208-3

Sizing Up U.S. Export Disincentives
by J. David Richardson
September 1993. 204 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-107-9

Subsidies in International Trade
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Joanna Shelton Erb
1984. 302 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-004-8

Toward Renewed Economic Growth in Latin America
by Bela Balassa, Gerardo M. Bueno, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski,
and Mario Henrique Simonsen
1986. 205 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-045-5

Trade Policy in the 1980s
by C. Fred Bergsten and William R. Cline
1983. 87 pp.
ISBN: cloth 0-88132-002-1
ISBN: paper 0-88132-031-5

Trade Protection in the United States: 31 Case Studies
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Diane E. Berliner, and Kimberly Ann Elliott
1986. 317 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-040-4

The Trading System After the Uruguay Round
by John Whalley and Colleen Hamilton
July 1996. 224 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-131-1

United States External Adjustment and the World Economy
by William R. Cline
April 1989. 392 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-048-X

The Uruguay Round: An Assessment
by Jeffrey J. Schott, assisted by Johanna W. Buurman
November 1994. 240 pp.
ISBN:paper 0-88132-206-7

U.S. Taxation of International Income: Blueprint for Reform
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer, assisted by Joanna M. van Rooij
October 1992. 300 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-134-6

Western Hemisphere Economic Integration
by Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott
July 1994. 304 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-159-1

Why Exports Really Matter!
by J.D. Richardson
July 1995. 40 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88132-221-0

Why Exports Matter: More!
by J.D. Richardson
Two-volume set: February 1996
ISBN: paper 0-88132-238-5

World Agriculture Trade: Building a Consensus
edited by William M. Miner and Dale E. Hathaway
1988. 218 pp.
ISBN: paper 0-88645-071-3