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Kent Troutman

Media Appearances

CCTV America
Kent Troutman on the Shift in US Wealth Distribution
Video | March 12, 2015
Ken Troutman discusses the reasons behind the increasing wealth of Asians and of other minorities in the United States.

Andrew Busch Global Macro Strategy Podcast
Peterson Institute''s Kent Troutman on China''s Housing Market
Audio | May 8, 2015
Kent Troutman addresses questions on what China is doing about its housing slump and whether foreign investors should worry.

Expert Analyzes Hong Kong''s Economic Structural Problems
Video | October 2, 2014
CCTV America speaks with Kent Troutman, a research analyst at the Peterson Institute of International Economics, about Hong Kong''s economy.

Fox Business
Would China Sell Its US Treasury Bonds?
Video | August 13, 2014

Foreign Policy Association
China''s FX Reserves: Eight Questions on the Macroeconomic "Mechanics"
Interview transcript | January 27, 2014


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