William R. Cline


Areas of Expertise

  • Development
  • Financial Markets
  • Trade Policy

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Senior Research Staff

William R. Cline

Media Appearances

Business News Network
Greek Parliament to Vote on Bailout Terms
Video | July 14, 2015
William R. Cline discusses the potential economic impact of the bailout deal for Greece.

Wall Street Journal
Taper Shock Helped Emerging Markets Rebalance, Report Says
Article | December 4, 2013
The Wall Street Journal assesses William R. Cline's updated estimates of fundamental equilibrium exchange rates (FEERs).

William Cline on Argentina's Methods of Tackling Debt
Video | November 27, 2012
William R. Cline discusses the history of Argentina's debt restructuring and whether Argentina has to, or should, abide by the recent ruling in New York that ordered Argentina to pay $1.3 billion to a group of creditors.

Wall Street Journal
Spain and Italy Are (Probably) Fine
Article | August 14, 2012
The Wall Street Journal's Real Time Brussels blog discusses William R. Cline's newest Working Paper, Sovereign Debt Sustainability in Italy and Spain: A Probabilistic Approach. The article states the study should "delight policymakers in Rome, Madrid, and Brussels alike."

This Crisis Caused a Much Longer Recession
Video | August 9, 2012
William R. Cline says the ongoing financial crisis is causing a much longer recession in part because it cannot be solved by simply reducing interest rates.


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