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  • Social Security

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Senior Research Staff

Jacob Funk Kirkegaard

Media Appearances

How Much Will It Cost to Protect Europe's Borders?
November 18, 2015

ECB May Pull Out the Big Bazooka
October 22, 2015

U.S. 30-year fixed-rate mortgage an 'outlier'
October 14, 2015

What Exactly Is Greek PM Tsipras’ Mandate?
September 21, 2015

NPR's On Point
Anti-Austerity Gains Steam in Europe
Audio | January 27, 2015
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and other guests discuss what might follow the leftist victory in Greece amidst growing anti-austerity sentiment in Europe.

NPR's All Things Considered
Looking at How Greece's New Government Will Fare in Eurozone
Audio with transcript | January 26, 2015
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses whether the new government in Greece can realistically negotiate more favorable terms from its creditors.

ECB Still in "Oral Intervention" Phase
Video | December 3, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the European Central Bank's options for future large purchase programs that could help stimulate the struggling euro area economies.

Marketplace Public Radio
IMF Offers Mixed Economic Picture, All Eyes on Europe
Audio | October 8, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses why the United States is exceeding the International Monetary Fund's projections, while many European countries are performing worse than the IMF expected.

What's Behind France's Cabinet Shake-up
Video | August 26, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains how a low approval rating, 10 percent unemployment, and zero economic growth led French President François Hollande to shake up his cabinet.

CCTV's Biz Asia America
Jacob Kirkegaard on ECB Negative Deposit Rate
Video | July 3, 2014
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses Europe's low interest rates and debt restructuring challenges.

The Economist
Germany's Role in Europe
Online debate | June 18, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard argues against the notion that Europe has suffered from a lack of German leadership during the euro crisis in this week-long online debate.

Bloomberg Television
French Woes Seen as Risk to Europe Integration
Video | May 24, 2013
While in London, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses France's declining leadership role in Europe.

NPR's Morning Edition
Instead of Snoozing in Savings, Let's Put $5,000 to Work
Audio | May 22, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard joins NPR's Uri Berliner to discuss how interest rates for savings accounts are not keeping up with inflation.

The Economist
French Public Opinion—Morosity Rules
May 18, 2013
With France's economy back in recession, the Economist calls attention to an article by Jacob Funk Kirkegaard that asks "Is France a 'Peripheral' Country?"

New York Times
Calculating the Impact of Cyprus's Bailout
March 31, 2013
A RealTime blog post by Jacob Funk Kirkegaard serves as the basis for this New York Times article.

Cyprus' Crisis Frames Eurozone as 'Work in Progress'
Audio | March 29, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard tells NPR's John Ydstie that the Cyprus deal is bad news for big depositors but a positive precedent for euro area taxpayers.

Bloomberg TV
There Will Be a Mini Bank Run in Cyprus
Video | March 25, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains that Europe is several big steps closer to a banking resolution framework in the euro area, one that would be similar to how the FDIC operates in the United States.

The Diane Rehm Show
Cyprus and EU Bailouts
Audio | March 21, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard joins Sheila Bair, Nicholas Karambelas, Nicholas Schrifin, and host Tom Gjelten to discuss of the state of the Cyprus bailout negotiations.

PBS NewsHour
Will the Banking Crisis in Cyprus Rock Other Markets?
Video with transcript | March 18, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard explains that when a small country like Cyprus has banks worth 800 percent of GDP, then when the banks have a small problem, the government has a big one.

NPR's Weekend Edition
Japan's Economic Plan May Be Bad News for Everyone Else
Audio | January 26, 2013
Japan is being criticized for infusing its economy with money to help spur consumption, but Jacob Funk Kirkegaard notes the global economic recovery would have been much worse had the US Federal Reserve and other central banks not flooded their own financial markets with money during the global recession.

The Washington Times
Too Much Belt-Tightening Risky for Global Economy
Article | January 9, 2013
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard tells the Washington Times that the recession in the euro area was the result of the member countries all consolidating at once.


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