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Adam S. Posen

Adam S. Posen

World Insight 10/14/2015 China's economy; US. presidential race
October 14, 2015

U.S. System Designed to Prevent Financial Crisis 'Likely to Fail,' Says Experts
October 5, 2015

New York Times
Policy makers Skeptical on Preventing Financial Crisis
October 4, 2015

Can Japan PM Shinzo Abe's Abenomics Really 2.0 Work?
September 29, 2015

Inside Japan PM Shinzo Abe's Plan to Refresh Economy
September 29, 2015

What's at Stake as China's Xi Visits United States
September 21, 2015

How Economic Growth in US Can Be Jumpstarted
September 21, 2015

Recognizing the Economic Reality of Emerging Markets
September 21, 2015

Tsipras Re-elected Prime Minister in Greece
September 21, 2015

Corbyn's Impact on the EU Referendum
September 15, 2015

The Probability of a Sept. Federal Reserve Rate Hike
September 15, 2015

Are Investors Expecting Too Much From the Bank of Japan?
September 15, 2015

Fed Stress Tests World Economy Weaker Than in Past Cycles
September 15, 2015

Bank of England Keeps Interest Rates on Hold
Video | August 6, 2015
Adam S. Posen discusses the Bank of England’s decision not to raise interest rates.

The Hill
Does One Size Fit All? A Policy Discussion on Insurance, Regulation and the American Economy
Video | July 28, 2015
Adam S. Posen participates in a conference for the Hill on insurance regulation.

IMF Should Explore Ways to Get Out of Greece
Video | July 17, 2015
Adam S. Posen discusses the agreement to negotiate a bailout program for Greece, the European Central Bank's role in the Greek debt crisis, and the outlook for the euro area.

Posen to Merkel: Make Greece Problem Go Away
Video | July 6, 2015
Adam Posen discusses the outcome he would like to see from the ongoing crisis in Greece and advice he would give to EU leaders.

Why One Top Economist Thinks Obama’s Trade Deal Is Worth Passing
May 14, 2015
Ezra Klein lays out six reasons Adam S. Posen says critics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership are wrong.

Bloomberg Surveillance
United States Is on Solid Growth Path
Video | January 22, 2015
While in Davos Adam S. Posen joins Bloomberg's Tom Keene to discuss the state of the US and global economies.

Wall Street Journal
Adam S. Posen in the Wall Street Journal: Davos Debate: Has the ECB Done Enough?
Video | January 22, 2015
In this panel discussion Adam S. Posen talks about whether the European Central Bank's new quantitative easing program will be enough to stimulate the European economy.

New York Times
Overseas Stimulus Moves Drive Yen, Euro and Renminbi Down Against Dollar
Article | October 2, 2014
Adam S. Posen is quoted discussing why American officials are turning a blind eye to moves by China, Europe, and Japan to devalue their currencies against the dollar.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Sees "Fiscal Federalism" in UK after Scots Vote
Video | September 19, 2014
Adam S. Posen joins Bloomberg's Tom Keene to discuss Scotland's decision to stay in the United Kingdom, Federal Reserve policy, and the US economy.

Channel NewsAsia
Adam Posen on Asia's Role in Geopolitical Risks Ahead
Video | August 11, 2014
Adam S. Posen sees more geopolitical risks ahead and says Asia will be the growth source.

HSBC Global Connections
The Top 10 International Business Influencers on Twitter
Article | August 8, 2014
HSBC Global Connections names Adam S. Posen on its list of top international business influencers who provide a regular stream of insightful and practical information.

'Not that Excited' About ECB Rate Cut
Video | May 27, 2014
While in Portugal Adam S. Posen discusses the potential downsides of the European Central Bank cutting interest rates.

Wall Street Journal TV
How Sustainable Is Japan's Blowout Growth?
Video | May 15, 2014
While in Tokyo Adam S. Posen stops by the Wall Street Journal to discuss Japan's economic growth.

Centre for International Governance Innovation
The Old Normal for the World Economy
Video | May 6, 2014
Adam S. Posen delivered a public lecture on the world economy's return to "the old normal."

Bloomberg Surveillance
Peterson's Posen 'Confident' Fed Can Exit QE [mp3]
Audio | December 31, 2013
Adam S. Posen joins Tom Keene to look back on 2013 and discuss the economic outlook for 2014.

Bloomberg News
ECB Looks More Aggressive to Markets
Video | November 25, 2013
While in London, PIIE President Adam S. Posen stops by the Bloomberg studio to discuss European Central Bank policy.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Sees 'Nothing Good' Out of US Debt Impasse
October 17, 2013
Adam S. Posen discusses the US fiscal impasse and its implications for the nation's economy and markets.

NPR's All Things Considered
Wilted Reputations Left by Shutdown and Default Threat
October 17, 2013
Adam S. Posen tells NPR's John Ydstie that the ramifications from the debt ceiling debate include reputational damage that affects US leverage during international negotiations, as well as higher interest rates for borrowers, since US securities are no longer viewed as risk free.

Foreign Affairs Media Call
The Nomination of Janet Yellen to Chair the Federal Reserve
October 10, 2013
In a media call organized by the Council on Foreign Relations, Sebastian Mallaby moderates a conversation between Adam S. Posen and Martin S. Feldstein about the nomination of Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen to replace outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke.

Bloomberg TV
Posen on China, US Economies, Fed
Video | September 12, 2013
While at the World Economic Forum, Adam S. Posen joins Bloomberg's Susan Li to discuss the Chinese and US economies and Federal Reserve policy.

Marketplace Public Radio
Middle Class Asks: Should We Buy Our Home?
Audio with transcript | August 5, 2013
Adam S. Posen discusses how home buyers may not realize that owning a home can be an unstable investment.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Predicts BOE will do Fed-Style Forward Guidance by August
Video | June 13, 2013
While in London, Adam S. Posen discusses the Bank of England and Bank of Japan with Bloomberg TV.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Says Carney Won't Have Tools for Weaker Pound
Video | May 31, 2013
Adam S. Posen joins Bloomberg TV in Tokyo to discuss Japanese bond markets, the Bank of England, and the US Federal Reserve.

NPR's Morning Edition
Mired In Recession, EU Eases Some Austerity Measures
Audio with transcript | May 31, 2013
Adam S. Posen and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard speak with NPR's John Ydstie about how Europe's austerity programs have curbed growth and sent unemployment soaring in the euro area.

Financial News
The Top Financial Tweeters to Follow
May 6, 2013
The Financial News names Adam S. Posen one of the best financially-focused Twitter accounts to be following.

Bloomberg Television
Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Is "Global Issue," Posen Says
Video | April 24, 2013
In this "Markets Makers" interview, Adam S. Posen discusses financial regulation and the global banking system with Bloomberg's Sara Eisen and Erik Schatzker.

France 24
The Business Interview
Video | April 22, 2013
Adam S. Posen discusses the role austerity has played in Europe's slow economic recovery on France 24's weekly segment featuring economic experts.

International Monetary Fund
Toward a Stronger Eurozone: Fostering Growth and Completing the Architecture of EMU
Video | April 20, 2013
Adam S. Posen is a panelist in this high-level discussion that closed the International Monetary Fund's Spring Meeting.

Adam S. Posen featured in The International Economy magazine The International Economy
Adam Posen Takes the Stage [pdf]
March 2013
The Winter 2013 issue of The International Economy (TIE) magazine features an in-depth interview with Peterson Institute President Adam S. Posen.

Bloomberg Radio
Peterson's Posen Says Cyprus Plan 'Not Sustainable' [mp3]
Audio | March 25, 2013
PIIE President Adam S. Posen explains why the austerity imposed on Cyprus will require more emergency aid to keep the island nation in the euro area.
Is Austerity the Way to Go to Get Us Out of the Fiscal Crisis?
Audio | March 10, 2013
As a guest on's weekly netcast, Adam S. Posen explains the history of the Peterson Institute, his experience as an American at the Bank of England, and why austerity is a lose-lose proposition right now.

The Charlie Rose Show
The Outlook for the US and UK Economies
Video | February 12, 2013
Adam S. Posen joins Charlie Rose to discuss how to balance austerity and stimulus policies, comparing how the United States and the United Kingdom have responded to the global economic crisis.

The Washington Times
G-20 Gets Chance to Reshape Banks
Article | February 12, 2013
PIIE President Adam S. Posen discusses banking regulations and a global trade in services agreement, among other topics, at a Washington Times editorial board meeting.

The Wall Street Journal
Abenomics Wins Over a Bank of Japan Skeptic
Video | February 8, 2013
Adam S. Posen talks with Jacob Schlesinger, Tokyo bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, about why he is hopeful that a more aggressive Bank of Japan and a measured way of getting to fiscal consolidation will end deflation and get Japan back to growth.

The Washington Post
Japan Is Caught in a Stimulus Trap
Op-ed | February 3, 2013
In his column, Robert Samuelson discusses the efforts by Japan's new prime minister to revive the Japanese economy, citing PIIE President Adam S. Posen's view of why Japan has struggled economically for two decades.

The Guardian
British Economy Faces Threat of Lost Decade
Article | January 19, 2013
With the British economy stagnating, some economists are calling on British officials to change course, but Adam S. Posen warns that the public and financial markets may not respond well to abandoning the inflation-targeting regime.

Nightly Business Review
What Does Treasury Secretary Nominee Jacob Lew Bring to the Table?
Video with transcript | January 10, 2013
Following the nomination of Jack Lew to be the next US Secretary of Treasury, Adam S. Posen tells Darren Gersh the next treasury secretary will have to cooperate with other countries also seeking to reign in budget deficits.

Bloomberg News
Posen Says Lew's Challenges Include Global Austerity
Article | January 9, 2013
Adam S. Posen tells Bloomberg News the next Secretary of Treasury will need to face international challenges, including how to deal with foreign countries' currency manipulation and the global effects of countries cutting their budgets.

The Washington Times
Too Much Belt-Tightening Risky for Global Economy
Article | January 9, 2013
Adam S. Posen warns that for countries such as the United States and Germany, sudden austerity could do more harm than good, as international spillovers are quite large when major economies tighten monetary policy at the same time. Jacob Funk Kirkegaard adds that the recession in the euro area was the result of the member countries all consolidating at once.

America Abroad Radio
America and the European Union: A Vital Partnership
Audio | January 2013
Adam S. Posen joins host Tess Vigeland and Charles Kupchan from the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss how the Obama Administration will look to strengthen America's relationship with Europe during the president's second term.

Adam S. Posen featured in the New York TimesPIIE President-designate Adam S. Posen Featured in the New York Times Magazine
God Save the British Economy
December 19, 2012
Adam Davidson writes that Adam S. Posen has been leading the argument for macroeconomic stimulus in response to the global financial crisis and sees his new leadership of the Peterson Institute as an opportunity to continue changing the global economic policy narrative.

Bloomberg TV
Posen on the Fiscal Cliff and European Developments
Video | December 2012
Adam S. Posen stops by Bloomberg's studio in Hong Kong to discuss the euro area crisis, fiscal cliff negotiations, and the upcoming elections in Japan.

Why the UK Won't See Business Investment Bonanza
Article | December 3, 2012
Adam S. Posen explains why the Bank of England is too downbeat on the UK economy.

Wall Street Journal
Tour of Troubles in World's Largest Economies
Article | November 8, 2012
Sudeep Reddy summarizes the Global Economic Prospects presentations by Adam S. Posen, David J. Stockton, and Nicholas R. Lardy.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Says US Fiscal Deal Easier than Believed
Video | November 7, 2012
Adam S. Posen tells Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton that the US deficit problem is really two issues: a 2.5–3 percent gap between spending and revenues and healthcare cost containment.

Bloomberg TV
Posen Says Central Banks Should Step Up Easing
Video | August 31, 2012
Speaking from the Jackson Hole Summit, Adam S. Posen says the US Federal Reserve's mandate is to get unemployment to a sustainable level and to prevent inflation from getting too low or too high. Posen says quantitative easing can help the Fed do its job to lower the unemployment rate.

CNBC Worldwide Exchange
Central Banks Need To Act This Month
Video | August 28, 2012
Part I | Part II
Adam S. Posen says central banks in the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union should all announce targeted stimulus packages. He explained that US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke "should announce" more quantitative easing during the meeting at Jackson Hole. Read the transcript

Break-up of Eurozone 'Very Ill-Advised'
Video | August 22, 2012
Adam S. Posen talks about quantitative easing, the role of central banks in countering the economic downturn, and the role of austerity measures in resolving the euro area crisis. Posen also addresses why it is in Germany's economic interest to restructure the debt of struggling euro area countries. Read the transcript [pdf].

Bloomberg News
Posen Says BOE Should Go Beyond Conventional QE to Fight Slump
Article | August 13, 2012
Bloomberg News writes that Adam S. Posen believes the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) "does have the authority to make up its mind on what instruments it wants to use." Posen argues that the MPC should utilize options other than buying government bonds to fight the recession.

Financial Times
King Urged to Widen Recovery Measures
Article | August 13, 2012
Adam S. Posen tells the Financial Times that the Bank of England could more effectively stimulate an economic recovery if it were willing to purchase private sector assets. Posen stated, "I have no question in my mind that what we're doing with QE is preventing things from getting much worse, but that doesn't mean you couldn't have an additional or better instrument."

Osborne's Scope to Reshape Bank of England Widens on Posen Exit
Article | May 20, 2012
"...Posen has done a phenomenal job.... He called the economy right and he stood his ground. You need to have brains and you need to be courageous. He's going to be difficult to replace." —Richard Barwell, an economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and a former Bank of England official, on Adam Posen's departure August 31, 2012, from the Bank of England.

Wall Street Journal | Real Time Economics Blog
Posen: Undercapitalized Banks, Not Greece, Cause of Europe Crisis
Article | May 21, 2012
"The sources of our current problem in the euro area are the various financial exposures that we all have in the interbank market that have not yet been resolved because…institutions remain insufficiently capitalized and insufficiently disciplined."

Financial Times
Posen to Step Down from Bank of England
Article | May 19, 2012
The Financial Times reports that Sir Mervyn King called Adam S. Posen's contribution to the Bank of England's Monetary Policy "outstanding" following the announcement that Posen will accept his appointment as president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. The Financial Times calls the Peterson Institute "a leading US think-tank with a rare international perspective."

Wall Street Journal | Real Time Economics Blog
Q&A: Lessons on Central Banking From Bank of England’s Posen
Interview | May 18, 2012
Adam S. Posen shares insights gained through his experience as external member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee with the Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy.

Money Magazine
Posen: Millions of Europeans Face Long Slog
Interview | May 9, 2012
Money Magazine highlights Adam S. Posen in its "Game Changers" interview series.

The Fine Art of Squeezing: Britain vs America
Article | May 4, 2012
Adam S. Posen explains that the US economy is growing faster than the UK's because of greater corporate investment and consumer spending, among other reasons, and not due to a commitment to austerity.

The Atlantic
How Much Is a Good Central Banker Worth?
Article | April 19, 2012
"If the United States spent $10 billion assembling a central banking fantasy lineup of Lars Svensson, Stanley Fischer, Adam Posen, and Christina Romer, it would probably be a phenomenal investment. It'd pay for itself many, many times over."