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C. Fred Bergsten


Areas of Expertise

  • APEC
  • Asia
  • Exchange Rates
  • Globalization
  • International Monetary System
  • Trade Policy

News Release

C. Fred Bergsten

Washington Post
Ms. Clinton, why hurt American workers?
October 9, 2015

China's Economic Catch-up Zero-Sum Game or Bigger Cake for U.S.?
October 1, 2015

Financial Times
Free Lunch: Shrinking the Pacific
September 22, 2015

Modi's Facebook Tour Shows What India May Lose If Trump Wins
September 23, 2015

US Trade Representative Hopes Xi's Visit Will Spur BIT Talks
September 24, 2015

Foreign Policy Magazine
The China Conundrum [subscription required]
Article | June 3, 2013
Clyde Prestowitz discusses how some experts, including C. Fred Bergsten in his Stavros Niarchos Foundation lecture, have recently questioned the fundamental assumptions that guide US policy on China.

Wall Street Journal
Bergsten Warns of Currency Wars in Peterson Valedictory Speech
May 16, 2013
The Wall Street Journal assesses C. Fred Bergsten's recommendations for systematic reforms to address the global currency wars. Bergsten spoke during the Peterson Institute's twelfth annual Stavros Niarchos Foundation Lecture.

NPR's Morning Edition
Yen's Drop In Value Could Fuel Currency War
Audio | May 16, 2013
C. Fred Bergsten discusses how the yen's plunge in value affects Japan's export and import market.

Washington Post
An Interview with Fred Bergsten, Evangelist for the Open Economy
April 21, 2013
C. Fred Bergsten recounts the history of the Peterson Institute and its notable policy contributions in this interview with the Washington Post's Barry Wood.

Washington Post
Presidential Debate: 7 Foreign Policy Questions that Should be Asked…and Probably Won't
Article | October 22, 2012
Given the opportunity to pose a question to the presidential candidates during the foreign policy debate, C. Fred Bergsten would ask: Developments in the world economy, especially the euro crisis and the slowdown in China, could have major negative effects on our own economy and ability to create jobs. What would you do to get both Europe and China to provide stronger support for global growth and stability?

Wall Street Journal's Real Time Economics
Currency-War Fears Are Overblown, Bergsten Says
Op-ed | October 1, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten discusses the differences between central banks embarking on quantitative easing and countries taking measures to intentionally lower exchange rates.

PricewaterhouseCoopers APEC CEO Survey
APEC CEO Interviews: Critical Business Issues
Video | July 2012
C. Fred Bergsten is featured in PricewaterhouseCoopers' APEC CEO Survey report for his outlook on APEC's regional economic integration.

Bloomberg TV
Bergsten on G-20 Meeting in Mexico, Debt Crisis
Video | June 15, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten discusses the issues leaders are planning to address at the G-20 summit in Mexico, noting the euro crisis will be at the top of the agenda.

NBC Nightly News
Family Net Worth Drops Nearly 40 Percent
Video | June 11, 2012
A new report from the Federal Reserve states that the average American family’s net worth declined 39 percent between 2007 and 2010, from $126,400 to $77,300. C. Fred Bergsten tells NBC News' Anne Thompson that these numbers help explain why the economic recovery has been so modest and why it remains so fragile.

NPR | All Things Considered
Economic Crisis Looms Larger in Spain than Greece
Interview with transcript | June 4, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten joins NPR's Robert Siegel to discuss the circumstances that led to Spain's current economic crisis.

NPR | Morning Edition
US Politicians See Opposite Messages in Euro Crisis
Interview with article | May 23, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten says that the United States has more time than Greece to figure out its deficit problems because the United States can still finance its budget deficits easily at low interest rates.

PBS NewsHour
How Europe's Turmoil Rattles World Markets
Video with transcript | May 15, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten sits down with the NewsHour's Ray Suarez and former US Ambassador to Greece Nicholas Burns to discuss Greece's political turmoil and how this instability is affecting economies worldwide.

The Diane Rehm Show
Apple and Working Conditions in Overseas Factories
Audio | April 2, 2012
NPR's Tom Gjelten guest hosts a discussion on international labor standards in light of reports of labor issues at Foxconn, a major manufacturer of Apple products in China. C. Fred Bergsten, coauthor of China's Rise, joins Auret van Heerdon, Fair Labor Association; Robert Scott, Economic Policy Institute; and Judy Gearhart, International Labor Rights Forum, in the radio show.

Finance & Development (IMF)
People in Economics: An American Globalist
Article | March 2012
The IMF's Prakash Loungani writes an in depth profile of C. Fred Bergten.

Prakash Loungani Blog
Interview with Fred Bergsten: Will the Euro Survive?
February 29, 2012
Calling C. Fred Bergsten "the founder of the world's most influential think tank on international economics," Prakash Loungani of the IMF interviews Bergsten on his views on the euro and his proposal for a G-2, among other topics.

Wall Street Journal
Peterson Institute's Bergsten to Step Down
January 25, 2012 | by Sudeep Reddy
" of the world's most prominent think tanks focusing on international economic policy...."

Financial Times
Founder Steps Down as US Think-Tank Head
January 25, 2012 | by Alan Beattie
"...has...become one of the most familiar figures on the international economics circuit ... [at] what has become one of the most influential economics think-tanks in the world."
"Over the past few years, the institute has been named as the world's first or second most influential think-tank on international economics...."

Washington Post
At Peterson Institute, a Founder Steps Down
January 25, 2012 | by Howard Schneider
"...a fixture in U.S. economic policy circles since the Nixon administration...."

The Hill
Bergsten to Step Down from Peterson Institute
January 25, 2012 | by Erik Wasson
"...a towering figure in Washington economic policy circles...."
"...possibly the foremost Washington think tank on trade policy."
" especially known for his expertise on international currency issues...."

Wall Street Journal
At One Think Tank, Two Opposing Views on the Euro-Zone Outlook
Article | January 19, 2012
The Wall Street Journal covers the Peterson Institute event in which two opposing views on the outcome of the euro area crisis were presented. Simon Johnson and Peter Boone presented dire predictions, while C. Fred Bergsten and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard remain more optimistic.

NPR: The Diane Rehm Show
Greece and the European Debt Crisis
Audio | November 3, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten (PIIE), Desmond Lachman (American Enterprise Institute), and David Wessel (Wall Street Journal) discuss Greece and the European debt crisis.

PBS: Nightly Business Report
Fred Bergsten of Institute for International Economics on Bernanke's Speech
Transcript | August 26, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten says Bernanke's speech at Jackson Hole on August 26 lays the foundation for the Fed to take new action in the near future and that there is a good chance the Fed will announce new moves at the September meeting.

Where Is the Growth Going to Be?
Video | August 18, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten tells CNN that economic growth will come from emerging markets.

How Did The Eurozone Come About?
Audio with transcript | August 16, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten discusses the history of euro, the euro area, and what it means for 17 countries to share one currency.

Bergsten Says United States Must 'Phase In' Budget Cuts over Time
Video | August 8, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten discusses the Standard and Poor's downgrade of the United State's debt rating to AA+ from AAA. Bergsten says, unlike the debt deal reached by Congress, what is needed is a deficit reduction plan with specific, credible budget cuts that would be phased in over time so as to not only bring real deficit reduction but do so in a way that would not harm the current fragile economy.

Dollar Domination
Video with transcript | May 11, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten explains why an orderly, gradual decline of the dollar will strengthen US trade—and the manufacturing sector—and rebalance the trade deficit with China.

Andrea Mitchell Interviews C. Fred Bergsten: Implications of IMF Arrest
Video | May 2011
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviews C. Fred Bergsten about Dominique Strauss-Kahn's unique role in planning the international response to the global economic crisis, what his arrest may mean for Europe's debt negotiations, and the future of IMF leadership.

Bergsten on CNBC: Dollar Domination
Video with transcript | May 11, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten explains why an orderly, gradual decline of the dollar will strengthen US trade—and the manufacturing sector—and rebalance the trade deficit with China.

Council on Foreign Relations
The Budget Deficit and US Competitiveness
Article | May 6, 2011
Elimination of the fiscal imbalance, and preferably the maintenance of a modest surplus, is imperative to avoid further severe deterioration of the international economic position of the United States, says C. Fred Bergsten in an interview with the Council on Foreign Relations. Other economists interviewed include Maya MacGuineas, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget; Sebastian Mallaby, Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies and Council on Foreign Relations; Daniel Mitchell, Cato Institute; and Greg Ip, The Economist. C. Fred Bergsten is the editor of The Long-Term International Economic Position of the United States.

Fox Business News
Bergsten on Portugal's Debt Crisis
Video | March 24, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten sees a silver lining in Portugal's debt crisis.

Wall Street Journal
Q and A: Peterson Institute's Bergsten on China's Currency
Interview transcript | February 18, 2011
The Wall Street Journal's Michael Casey interviews C. Fred Bergsten on whether China is making progress or not on readjusting the exchange rate of the renminbi.