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RealTime Economic Issues Watch Ten Lessons from the Scottish Referendum
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard — September 23, 2014
The 55 percent majority that rejected Scottish independence was perhaps not so lopsided as to banish all Scottish nationalist dreams of another vote someday. But it was more decisive than many opinion polls had predicted. At least 10 lessons can be drawn from the process. ...

North Korea: Witness to Transformation South Korean Attitudes Toward China and Japan: Complex Issues of Identity Refracted through Geopolitics
Marcus Noland — September 23, 2014
The polling firm TNS Korea periodically releases polls on public attitudes toward diplomatic issues in Northeast Asia. Given the contentious tone of public diplomacy among the three countries, the results of an August poll of South Korean views on China and Japan are fascinating. The poll asked t ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Mapping Europe's Banking System: Most Small Banks Are German
Nicolas Véron — September 22, 2014
A well-known limitation of Europe's banking union is the fact that most banks in the euro area will escape the direct supervision of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Single Resolution Board that will address insolvent banks next year. Indeed, the ECB's ...

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: Services Lead Growth as Industry Slows
Ryan Rutkowski — September 19, 2014
Earlier this week China’s National Bureau of Statistics released monthly economic data for August, and at first blush it looked pretty scary. Year-over-year growth in value added industrial output slowed to 6.9 percent in A ...

Policy Brief 14-22 Should Korea Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership? [pdf]
Jeffrey J. Schott and Cathleen Cimino — September 19, 2014
Korea should seek to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership as soon as possible if it can manage its bilateral trade issues with Japan in a pragmatic way.

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Corporate Taxation: Historic Reform Awaits 2017
Gary Clyde Hufbauer — September 19, 2014
In summer of 1975, J. L. Kramer and I published an article in the International Tax Journal entitled "Higher U.S. Taxation Could Prompt Changes in Multinational Corporate Structure." Nearly four decades later, our Delphic predictions may be coming true—evidenced by the widespread p ...

audio Peterson Perspectives Interview Battle to Save the Export-Import Bank
C. Fred Bergsten — September 17, 2014
C. Fred Bergsten explains why the US Export-Import Bank is essential to a successful US trade strategy—and what might be done to limit export subsidies worldwide.

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Rebuttal to Stiglitz on Scotland: Reality of Independence Is Frightening
Adam S. Posen — September 16, 2014
The overwhelming majority of macroeconomists who have commented on the impact of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom have said that the economic costs to Scotland so doing would be very high— ...

Op-ed China's Rise Is a Credit to Private Enterprise Not State Control
Nicholas R. Lardy — September 16, 2014
China's rapid ascent is the result of the expanding role of the market and the rise of private businesses, and policymakers and commentators decrying Beijing's brand of state capitalism risk provoking short-sighted and counterproductive responses.

China Economic Watch Taking Stock of the Shanghai FTZ after One Year
Nicholas Borst — September 15, 2014
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is fast approaching its one-year anniversary. Much of the recent commentary about the FTZ has been negative. It is obvious that the FTZ has not lived up to the extraordinarily high expectations many had when it was first announced.  However, as is typical with the Chines ...

Op-ed The Huge Costs of Scotland Getting Small
Adam S. Posen — September 15, 2014
Scottish political independence would plunge the people of Scotland into a more unstable economy, unavoidably and permanently.

Op-ed A Strategy to Bolster the Export-Import Bank
C. Fred Bergsten — September 15, 2014
Powerful opponents in Congress want to abolish the Export-Import Bank to reduce government intervention in private markets.  C. Fred Bergsten offers a tried-and-true approach to the problem that can satisfy both sides of the debate.

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: Staying the Course on Monetary Support
Kent Troutman — September 12, 2014
In several speeches earlier this week at the World Economic Forum’s summer forum in Tianjin, Premier Li Keqiang reemphasized the government’s ...

audio Peterson Perspectives Interview Scotland: To Secede or Not to Secede?
Adam S. Posen — September 11, 2014
Adam S. Posen assesses the dangers to Scotland, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the world economy if Scotland decides to break away from the United Kingdom in a referendum on September 18.

Op-ed Should the World Fund Food Aid to North Korea?
Marcus Noland — September 10, 2014
Humanitarian activities by the UN's World Food Program and private relief groups constitute the longest ongoing engagement between North Korea and the international community. But the regime's actions create an ethical conundrum that may be reaching its breaking point.



Jeffrey J. Schott

Should Korea Join the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Jeffrey J. Schott and Cathleen Cimino assess Korea's potential objectives and prospects for joining the TPP and review potential pathways forward.

Bruce Stokes

Pew Research Center Study Release of Views of Trade

Bruce Stokes, Pew Research Center, presents the results of a poll of 48,000 people in 44 countries for their subjective views on questions related to global trade.

Hans-Werner Sinn

The Euro Trap: On Bursting Bubbles, Budgets, and Belief

Hans-Werner Sinn, Ifo Institute for Economic Research, discusses his new book and offers a critical assessment of the history of the euro, its crisis, and rescue measures taken.


In a video interview, Nicholas R. Lardy previews a PIIE event on September 10 discussing the conclusions of his latest book published by the Institute, Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China.

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