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Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US PolicymakersThe United States and Cuba are ending decades of hostility and heading toward normalizing their relations. Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Barbara Kotschwar provide recommendations on how to proceed in their recent book Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers.

Most recently posted material.

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: China’s Real Effective FX Appreciation in Perspective
Kent Troutman — January 23, 2015
The renminbi depreciated by 2.5% against the US dollar in 2014, reversing a multi-year trend of appreciation. This depreciation has led some to question whether China has abandoned their policy of allowing the RMB to appreciate against the dollar. As we pointed out in our recent post reviewing the g ...

North Korea: Witness to Transformation DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies on the Shin Case (aka “Give ‘em enough rope”)
Marcus Noland — January 23, 2015
In the interest of being, as they say over at Fox News, “fair and balanced,” today we present the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies statement on the Shin Dong-hyuk case. It is an interesting perspective which I believe merits wide circulation. To paraphrase, “ ...

Testimony Job Creation and a Healthy Economy [pdf]
Justin Wolfers — January 22, 2015
While there is good news about the US economy, we should not confuse this with the fact that the level of activity remains below potential.

RealTime Economic Issues Watch How Long Will the Global Oil Glut Last?
Avinash Persaud — January 22, 2015
The decline in oil prices to less than $50 per barrel should not be a surprise. The surprise is how long oil prices stayed above $100 per barrel when supply and demand fundamentals could no longer support such a price. Given the supply outlook, oil prices will likely remain below $50 per barrel f ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Bulgaria: Slayer of Russian Energy Projects
Simeon Djankov — January 21, 2015
In the past three years, Bulgaria has been slaying large Russian energy projects at the pace of one a year. In 2012, it was the Belene nuclear power plant—started in the distant 1988 and dragging along until the Borisov government, in which I was minister of finance and deputy prime mini ...

Policy Brief 15-1 What Next for the IMF? [pdf]
Edwin M. Truman — January 21, 2015
After the Obama administration's four failed attempts to win congressional approval of the 2010 quota and governance reform for the International Monetary Fund, the international community must prepare for the likelihood of a new world order in which the IMF augments its funding and reforms its governing structure without US participation.

audio Peterson Perspectives Interview A Growth Slowdown in China?
Nicholas R. Lardy — January 20, 2015
Nicholas R. Lardy says the latest GDP figures from China show an overall slowdown but underlying strength in employment, the services sector, and consumption.

Op-ed The Truth about Currency Manipulation: Congress and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
C. Fred Bergsten — January 20, 2015
Bipartisan majorities of both houses of Congress insist that the TPP forcefully address the manipulation of exchange rates. At the same time, many believe that a US effort to raise currency concerns would torpedo the agreement. There is a way to resolve this dilemma, but it will require new initiatives by the Obama administration, Congress, and TPP partner countries.

RealTime Economic Issues Watch The ECB's Coming New Stance on QE
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard — January 20, 2015
For months I have argued that the European Central Bank (ECB) is not likely to move quickly toward new monetary stimulus, including the purchase of sovereign bonds. I have now shifted my expectations. I believe that at its next meeting, the ECB will likely commence a broad based asset purchase pr ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch 2015 Outlook for FDI in the US: Two Key Sources of Growth Are China and Japan
Theodore H. Moran and Lindsay Oldenski — January 20, 2015
FDI by Chinese firms in the United States Chinese investment in the United States has been growing in recent years, concentrated in manufacturing, electrical equipment, information technology (IT), chemicals, and extractive industries. But total foreign direct investment (FD ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch The Effects of a Wage Increase by Large Corporations on the Macroeconomy
Michael Jarand — January 17, 2015
The Peterson Institute for International Economics has for some years undertaken research on inequality and inclusive capitalism, partially supported by a series of grants from the ERANDA Foundation. Last month, Aetna informed the Institute of its plan to raise the wages of its lower-paid wor ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Two Cheers for the Swiss National Bank
Edwin M. Truman — January 16, 2015
The financial world is hyperventilating over the Swiss National Bank's surprise announcement that it is abandoning its policy of pegging the Swiss franc to the depreciating euro. Two cheers for Thomas Jordan and the Swiss National Bank (SNB).  It was the right policy move and it reminded fina ...

China Economic Watch China Chart of the Week: Deflationary Pressure Gathers Steam
Sean Miner — January 15, 2015
China’s National Bureau of Statistics recently released data on the prices of 50 different industrial inputs.  The tracked products include: copper, chemicals, oil, coal, rice, and wood.  This data show the average price of ...

RealTime Economic Issues Watch How Raising Wages of Low-Paid Workers at Large Corporations Would Affect Income Inequality
Tomas Hellebrandt — January 15, 2015
Any measure that increases the pay of low-wage workers would, by definition, produce a positive effect on the distribution of employee earnings, reducing inequality. This analysis focuses on new wage floors that would be implemented by the employers of a small minority of private sector workers, specifically large private sector firms operating in industries that are not highly intensive in low-skilled labor.

RealTime Economic Issues Watch Raising the US Wage Floor: The International Perspective
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Tyler Moran — January 14, 2015
Income inequality in the United States has increased in recent decades to levels exceeding those in comparable large advanced economies—and even more so in traditionally more equal smaller European economies. Moreover, many studies have found that among advanced economies, paying higher wages to low-wage workers reduces inequality and increases economic growth.



Min Zhu

Unlocking Global Growth

The IMF's Min Zhu discusses ongoing structural changes in the world economy and policies to boost growth around the globe.

Pierre Moscovici

A Page Turned: Working for Investment and Growth in the New European Union

Pierre Moscovici, the new European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, speaks at the Institute.

Fabrizio Saccomanni

Restoring Sustainable Growth and Job Creation in Europe

Fabrizio Saccomanni, Italy's former minister of economy and finance, delivers the keynote address at an event held to discuss solving the persistent economic stagnation in Europe.

Sir Paul Tucker

Reforming the International Monetary and Financial System: What Role for National Democracies?

Sir Paul Tucker, Harvard Kennedy School, discusses international regulation and democratic legitimacy.

Peter Praet

Monetary Policy Issues in the Euro Area

Peter Praet, ECB, discusses monetary policy issues currently confronting the euro area.


Peterson Institute for International Economics Announces New Funding Disclosure Steps [pdf]

A document posted in 2014 gives our Statement of Principles, Facts about Our Funding, and charts and lists indicating funding sources and amounts in 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.


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