Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country

William R. Cline, Peterson Institute

Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC

September 12, 2007


The Peterson Institute and the Center for Global Development released Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country by William R. Cline at a luncheon on September 12, 2007. After brief remarks by Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute, Dr. Cline discussed the magnitude of global warming and its differential impact across countries, providing detailed information for countries and subregions within larger countries. Dr. Cline finds developing countries’ production may fall between 10 and 25 percent if global warming continues unabated.

William Cline, senior fellow since the Institute’s inception in 1981, holds a joint appointment at the Institute and the Center for Global Development. Dr. Cline has been a pioneer in the study of the economic effects of global warming. His Economics of Global Warming (1992) was among the first studies to tackle this crucial topic and won the 1992 Harold and Margaret Sprout Prize for best book on international environmental affairs.



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