Russia after the Global Economic Crisis

Leon Aron, American Enterprise Institute and Columbia University
Anders Aslund, Peterson Institute
Andrew Kuchins, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Michael A. McFaul, National Security Council
Stephan Sestanovich, Council for Foreign Relations

Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC

June 10, 2010

The Peterson Institute released the book Russia after the Global Economic Crisis, coedited by Anders Åslund, Peterson Institute; Sergei Guriev, New Economic School; and Andrew Kuchins, Center for Strategic and International Studies, at an event held on June 10, 2010. Senior Director of the National Security Council Michael A. McFaul delivered the keynote address followed by a panel discussion with the Stephen Sestanovich from the Council for Foreign Relations and Columbia University, Leon Aron from the American Enterprise Institute, and coeditors Anders Åslund and Andrew Kuchins.

The book is the second in the Russia Balance Sheet series, following the previous title, The Russia Balance Sheet (2009). The purpose of the series is to assess the major assets and liabilities of Russia and their implications for relations between Russia and the United States. The new book concludes that Russia is doing well in the short run but is facing huge structural challenges in the longer run that must be addressed to place the country and its international relationships on a solid footing.


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