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Currency Wars: Economic Realities, Institutional Responses, and the G-20 Agenda

Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC

April 2, 2013

Bloomberg News
Coeuré Says ECB Accepts Swiss National Bank's Franc Cap
April 3, 2013
Bloomberg highlights a panel discussion with ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeuré at PIIE's conference on "Currency Wars and the G- 20's Goal of Strong, Sustainable, and Balanced Growth."

Globe and Mail
The Little Big Good, Little Bit Bad, and Little Bit Ugly of Fixing Global Imbalances
April 3, 2013
This article notes the Peterson Institute's efforts through its conference on currency wars to encourage discussion over whether the World Trade Organization should treat currency manipulation as a violation of international trade norms.

Wall Street Journal
Some Economists Yearn for Global Cop to Stop Currency Meddling
April 1, 2013
Ahead of the Peterson Institute's conference on currency wars, the Wall Street Journal explains the problem of countries using exchange rates to gain an unfair trade advantage.